Prosecute : Preserve : Protect


When Todd took office he found that the prior administration had neglected to review at least 30% of the cases law enforcement had sent them, organization was not a priority and morale was low.   He immediately worked to creat a cohesive team. Once the team was in place, the organization followed, and morale improved. Top priority was to review any outstanding reports to determine if crimainal charges should be filed. It took a mere 6 months for the office to catch up.  Todd also implemented a new policy that all cases should be reviewed within two weeks and serious cases within the first 48 hours of their the submission to the office.   Since Todd has been elected, the amount of reported crime has never risen, yet, the number of cases being prosecuted has risen. This has resulted in more trials, convictions, and prison time for criminals.


Todd’s commitment to preserving our community’s safety and quality of life has been resolute.   To accomplish this goal, he placed the upmost importance in strengthening communication between the Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office, law enforcement officials, and most importantly, the community.   This effort has included regularly training programs for law enforcement officers to aid in the improvement of the prosecution of cases.   Todd also created a process to ensure law enforcement officials were kept informed of what was transpiring with their cases.   The County Attorney’s Office developed their website,, and other social media related sites to allow the community ease to reach the office and also a way to keep the public informed of ongoing events.  Todd also regularly  presents seminars with his office to prosecutors, businesses, organizations, and citizens throughout the community and State to better inform and aid those with issues related to County Attorney’s office.


Since Todd has taken office, repeat and serious offenders have been punished for crimes they have committed.   Thanks to dedicated law enforcement personnel, and the hard work of the Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office, crime rates in Leavenworth County have dropped over the time of Todd’s tenure.  The first two years alone saw a repeated reduction of crime by ten percent.  Burglaries, robberies, and drug crimes have shown a marked decrease. Sexual abuse cases are finally being prosecuted with significant jail sentences being imposed on the guilty parties.   With a more stringent plea policy, more trials, and more prosecution of cases, Todd provides proof of unwavering commitment to the reduction of crime and an increase in the community’s peace of mind.

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