550613_368769189877331_860291704_nTodd Thompson became County Attorney of Leavenworth County, Kansas on January 12, 2009. Mr. Thompson came into office with a vision of preserving the traditions of Leavenworth County. He advances this vision by improving communication between the County Attorney’s Office and the public. The office is now more accessible and open to listening to wants of victims and their families,  has reopened the lines of communication with law enforcement, and ensures the public is made aware of the decisions and rationale of the Office on major cases. Further, Mr. Thompson has ensured that the Office prosecutes cases more ardently, ensuring that repeat and serious offenders receive the punishment they deserve. Criminals have been put on notice that the County Attorney’s Office will not be lenient in the prosecution of criminal activity. By taking a proactive role to ensure that criminals are off of the streets, the citizens of Leavenworth County can enjoy a safe community.

Mr. Thompson is a Leavenworth native. His family has lived in the community for over 150 years. Mr. Thompson is a graduate from the University of Kansas and received his Juris Doctor from Washburn University School of Law. Before being elected, Mr. Thompson was an Assistant County Attorney for Leavenworth County for a period of five years, serving as the head of the Juvenile Division. Currently, Mr. Thompson is President of the Leavenworth Bar Association, is a member of the National District Attorneys Association, and the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association.  He is a member in good standing of the state bar of Kansas, the United States District Court and the United States Supreme Court.  Mr. Thompson has briefed and appeared for arguments in front of the Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Court of Appeals.  He is also a board member of the following: Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission; 2First Judicial District Adult Community Corrections Advisory Board, and First Judicial District Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board.   Mr. Thompson previously served as a member of the Board of Court Appointed Special Advocates, the Leavenworth Child Abuse Prevention Counsel and Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team.  He has taught for Upper Iowa University and is an active member of several Leavenworth County civic organizations.  In 2013, Mr. Thompson was selected by Ingram’s magazine to be recognized as one of Kansas Cities 40 under 40.

Mr. Thompson has also proposed three bills to the Kansas Legislation which have passed.   These bills were all issues impacting our community.   The first bill that passed was brought to the Kansas Legislation because of a case involving an adult caught video taping a child under 18 in his/her home  without the child’s or parents permission or knowledge, for unknown reasons.  This crime could only be charged as a misdemeanor, Thompson was able to get a bill passed to increase the punishment to a felony.   Mr. Thompson also proposed a bill to make e-cigarettes illegal to anyone under the age of 18, when he heard there was no law prohibiting children from having access to these.  Finally, Mr. Thompson worked with local law enforcement to propose a bill to increase the penalty for theft or criminal deprivation of a firearm from a misdemeanor to a felony. Also making any burglary wherein someone steals a firearm from a residence or vehicle an Aggravated Burglary, which increases the penalty upon conviction.